Meadow Manager

What is Meadow Manager?

Welcome to Meadow Manager! Here you can search our database of rabbits to find exactly what you're looking for.If you are a rabbit breeder yourself, you can use our software to track your herd as well as showcase it to others.

Meadow Manager provides the perfect solution for any rabbit breeder. It's simple, to-the-point interface makes it a snap to add records for your rabbits, fill out pedigree information, and even track breedings and due dates.

Why use Meadow Manager?

If you are a rabbit breeder that takes pride in your work and would like to share it with others, Meadow Manager will provide you exactly the tools to do so.If you are interested in connecting with others and quickly finding other rabbits that you may be interested in incoporating into your herd's genetics, or perhaps would like to provide such genetics to others, Meadow Manager is perfect for you.If you are just looking for a way to keep track of a very large herd and want a clean, intuitive interface by which to do so, look no further.


  • Web-based Interface - Meadow Manager is accessible from anywhere you can browse the web. While Firefox or Google Chrome are recommended, virtually any browser should be able to display the site.
  • Network-Oriented - Unlike other herd management software, Meadow Manager connects you with other breeders. If you allow it, your rabbits can be immediately viewable by other interested breeders. The messaging system allows you to contact other breeders with any questions or requests you may have.
  • Easy to Use - Meadow Manager was designed for rabbit people, not technical gurus. The interface is designed to be as user-friendly and simple as possible. Adding rabbits is as simple as typing in relevant information and selecting breeds and colors from lists.
  • Instant Web Site - By creating a rabbitry on Meadow Manager, you are also creating a web site for your rabbitry. If you choose for it to be public, people can view your site over the internet without even having a Meadow Manager account.
  • Breeding Records - Once you've added rabbits to your manager, you can also create breeding records. Meadow Manager automatically calculates the range of due dates and will alert you when they should be due. Once a litter is born, it's easy to record the birth date. Babies can be added to the litter once the birth date has been set, and their ancestry will be automatically updated!
  • Geneology - If you rabbits' parents are also on Meadow Manager, a link will be created between them. When viewing a rabbit's page, you can immediately see their sire and dam, as well as any offspring they may have had. These records can all be viewed invidiaully as well, so you can essentially walk through a rabbit's entire family tree.
  • Pedigrees - Meadow Manager automatically creates pedigrees based on the information you've provided. However, you can also use the pedigree interface to enter data. If rabbits already exists in your rabbitry, you will be prompted and the information can be filled in for you. With your browser settings set correctly, pedigrees can be printed right from the site!
  • Photo-Oriented - While not required, Meadow Manager allows you to upload images of your rabbits. These images appear virtually anywhere your rabbit is mentioned. For instance, by viewing one rabbit's record, you can immediately see what it's parents and offspring look like as well.
  • Custom Style - A number of visual styles are available to give you rabbitry page it's own look. Logo images may be uploaded to make your rabbitry unique among the others on the site.
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How did Meadow Manager come to be?

Meadow Manager started as just an alternative, private, piece of software for managing a rabbitry. It was created in a web-based environment, but just hosted locally at our house. One day it dawned on us that if we could provide it to other people as well. Not just that, but if we were to link the content of multiple rabbitries together, we could create an extremely useful tool for rabbit enthusiasts all over the country. The idea kind of just took off from there, and we've been working (and are still working) almost daily on it since!

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